Computational Couture

The future of fashion and the future of consumer products in general, lies not only in more advanced technologies and materials, but also in reevaluating the very infrastructure of design, manufacture, and retail.

By blending rapid fabrication, interactive software and the accessibility of the web, we can let individuals participate directly in the design and production process. These are the governing principles of computational design, where a design delineates processes and user interactions, not just the discrete visual appearance.

Computational couture captures this philosophy and applies it towards solving the persistent problem of standardized sizing in ready-to-wear. CONTINUUM is a concept for a web-based fashion label in which designs are infinitely customizable, made to order to your personal measurements, yet still retain a clear brand vision. Its seminal collection is a deconstruction of the classic little black dress.

Software allows you to ‘draw’ a dress and converts it into a 3D model, which is then turned into a flat pattern to be cut out of fabric and sewn into the dress. Not only can the physical dress be purchased through the label, but the cutting patterns are downloadable free of charge for those who would rather devote the time to making their own. With design encompassing a continuous user experience, we can inspire changing attitudes and behaviors of mass consumption.

Advisor: David Gauthier