uBEEquitous Computing

Inspired by the daily activities of bees and the idea of having ubiquitous computer vision, we created a coherent flow of a story based upon the video footage of an unknown concept from another team. The story began with a bee flying from the outside world into our studio, this continued as the bee observed and recorded with an invisible camera each and every detail of the human activities within the studio. It reached its crescendo when the bee met its digital mate and transferred the collective data to humans for analysis.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was that we did not know the original concept of the footage and had to guess. As a result, we decided to reinvent the concept and the narrative entirely and build the video around the concept of ubiquitous computing which turned out to be completely different from the original intention. The project gave us a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn not only the filming making process but also the skill of interpretation and recreation.