Energize Stars

Energize is a service that partners utilities companies and businesses to provide rewards for being environmentally conscious. Saving energy or water can feel like a somewhat abstract concept, so Energize makes accumulated efforts more tangible.

Utility companies join the Energize program, and start sending out Energize points– “stars”–with their bills. All customers are then automatically enrolled in the program, although they personally decide whether or not to actively make use of it. People might also choose to change utilities providers based on their cooperation with the program.

You earn stars when you use less than the average consumption for your household size. Energize provides handy tips to lower your consumption and also allows you to easily see how your consumption relates to similar households in the region.

With enough stars, you can redeem them for things like a free dinner at a restaurant or concert tickets. You will be able to collect stars from all utility bills even though they are from different companies, as long as the company is connected to Energize, making it more of a comprehensive system that prompts changes in every aspect of the daily environmental routines instead of “just” electricity or water saving.