Energiser Cubes

The Energiser cubes are tangible interfaces that remind you of the amount of appliances you have running at any given time. To help the user make smart decisions (i.e. turn off the TV when using your laptop etc), the cubes urge the user to unplug any superfluous appliances, conserving energy and prompting behavior change.

You log on to the Energise website and upload all your household appliances, converting them into physical cubes – one cube per appliance. The cubes are then shipped to your doorstep. Now, every time you decide to turn on an electrical device, you plug a cube in to it. The cubes work like luminous switches communicating between themselves, switching color from white to red when too many appliances are going at the same time. This partly reminds you how many devices are on and partly prompts you to “get of your a*s” to unplug one device before using another.