Energise is a collaborative service that facilitates a direct flow of information between companies and consumers, with the goal of optimising product use, prolonging product life, and minimising energy usage.

Users get setup tips and maintenance instructions from companies and consumers. The companies provide technical expertise and the users provide helpful tips they have learned from using the products for a long time.

Companies are provided with input from users, this helps them develop successful future products.

Energise is used by many companies. Because it is an independent, unbiased resource, users can feel comfortable using the information provided by Energise for their purchases.

Energise combines the knowledge of the consumer with the expertise of companies, in one easy-to-access resource. Through this collaboration, companies can adapt future products to suit real-world user needs, since they have gained a strong user base by using Energise. Users are educated about the ways they can prolong the life of products, save energy and money, and become wiser consumers in the process.