Energise Avatar

During the Video Prototyping week we experienced different ways of making video prototypes, learning the difference between low and high fidelity and between low and high resolution. Our learning curve was extremely fast – in few days we have learnt how to combine low-fi materials to make a good quality footage.

Our proposition is a service called Energise Avatar. When people register to the service they receive a physical avatar that is wirelessly connected to the electricity and water consumption metres. It gives instant feedback on the consequences of your everyday actions. When you waste too much energy, your avatar faints, but if you are aware of your behaviour and follow the rules of saving energy, it’s happy and in good health. The service also includes an online section, where people can stay informed about tip & tricks and check their energy consumption values.

Hopefully the service will help people to understand the effect of their actions on the world through a simple metaphor, and help them to change habits on energy consumption.

Music:The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning, Lykke Li – Dance, Dance, Dance