Energise is a service concept that helps people save energy at home or at work. The service includes a variety of modules, for example the Home Refrigerator Module detailed in the video.

Available at local grocery stores and easy to install, this module helps you make power conscious decisions. It keeps track of your refrigerator’s use and power consumption, communicating this data to the Energise service.

The website provides a time based overview of your power usage and helps you learn how your habits impact energy consumption. It also provides energy saving tips from the Energise community, and allows you to sign up to be alerted in the case of abnormal power usage.

We first prototyped our concept with a low resolution and low fidelity video. Building on the feedback from this prototype, our final video concentrated on presenting a clear story that the viewer could relate to. We asked ourselves the details of the experience: How and where can you buy it? Why would you? How do you install it? How do you use it?

To concentrate on having the video dialog itself answer these questions, we gave ourselves the challenge of not using any background music or voiceover narration.