The Ideas Sharpener

The Ideas Sharpener supports informal working behaviours and makes those working moments recognisable from the outside.

The user research we did with *Anna*, a writer, showed us how the home-office environment suits the emergence of informal working patterns. She has different times and spaces of work-flow and succeeds in making them compatible with the heterogeneous organisation of her house. This allows her to commute fluidly among spaces according to her process of generating ideas.

When she needs a high level of concentration, she works in the studio, while when she wants to get more inspiration, she either goes to the kitchen to chop vegetables or goes out for a walk. ‘To unfocus first,’ as she likes to describes it, works as her best way to be able to focus again and keep her working flow going.

The informal working behaviours she has developed inside/outside of the home-office is particularly interesting for us to the extent that they were contaminated and mixed with already existing household and lifestyle patterns.

With our design, we address the informal work flow that this particular group of people develops around themselves, maybe bringing it to some extreme scenarios to stimulate reflections around the topic of the “domestic working landscape”.

The choice of materials and references of the shapes shows the belonging of the object to the home environment, but at the same time stimulates you to take it outside or combine it with its different modules.

The Ideas Sharpener consists of a recording device that will help the user in the vegetable chopping brainstorm and that could be carried with the user during the regenerative walks.

The recordings stored by the device will then be downloaded on the computer, producing a working sheet that literally maps all the ideas generated during the informal working process, according to geo-location coordinates.