PlanToDo is a way to store and orchestrate important activities in your life. You pick up a meaningful leaf or flower that will represent the task you want to remember and hold the piece in front of PlanToDo while saying the task out-loud.The task is then recorded and you can retrieve it anytime by holding the leaf or flower in front of PlantTodo to play it back. PlantToDo can also send you a reminder when the task has a deadline. Build your work day by building your plant. PlantToDo is the place to leave tasks and let ideas blossom.

PlanToDo was implemented in Processing with Minim, TUIO and Arduino libraries. It has a camera for recognizing fiducial markers on the leaves and flowers and a microphone for recording tasks. All the leaf and flower pieces have embedded magnets so that they can be easily attached onto the plant. A special “eraser” piece is used together with a task piece in order to delete an old task from the leaf or flower.