Flik is a modular, linear clock/planner system. Individual rectangular units each represent an hour of time, in which every 15 minutes is marked by an “arm” that flips up. Each arm is a clip to which you can attach notes for something you need to do at that time. At the time to which you have added a note, when the arm is flipped, a bell rings to remind you. These individual hour blocks can be connected together to represent your choice of work day length, and they can be arranged on the wall in a variety of configurations to suit one’s personal space.

People who work at home often have irregular work hours. Also, even though there are numerous digital devices and applications for organizing your time and noting appointments, the physical action of writing a note and sticking it to the wall or computer to remind yourself remains a fundamental system. We consider that the standard circular clock does not reflect a natural start, end, and progression through the day, and we want to preserve the simple non-digital paper reminders while also giving it more order.

In this prototype, the main electronic components are a motor and PIC micro-controller. Individual sensors in each clock arm register whether you have attached a note. The motor turns a shaft that turns a series of gear components that raise the arms.