We Are Voice

Imagine being able to gather thousands of consumers together to put direct pressure on businesses worldwide – to meet our needs, to behave responsibly or simply to give us a better deal. Imagine as a business having direct access to thousands of consumers – without having to invest in a costly backend to do it.

Wearevoice.org is a social network, a consumer movement and a business-to-consumer community rolled into one. By joining consumers together in ad-hoc communities, based on similar interests or needs, we give consumers the people power to meet businesses on equal terms. By providing businesses with a platform from which to engage with their consumers, we provide businesses with a unique opportunity for dialogue with and insight into the people who matter most – their customers.

Today consumers and businesses are often at odds. Despite the explosion in social media and the unheralded possibilities of communication, most businesses still struggle to connect meaningfully to their consumers. Adversely, despite the proliferation of communication channels available to consumers, little is coordinated with much being reduced to random rants on twitter etc. Wearevoice.org means to change that by giving both sides a dedicated platform from which to engage with each other.

User Research
Wearevoice was created through 3 different iterations pushed forward through extensive user research and experience prototyping with a wide variety of stakeholders – from the super passionate consumer, to the social activist to businesses both local and global. Each iteration was tested using different props to immerse our subjects in the actual experience of using the service. Websites were mocked up, we staged fictional future scenarios to try out different possible consequences, letters were sent and different design games were played to test our assumptions.

“Every company recognises the importance of their communities but most have no back-end to handle their communication with them. If you can provide that, then you are creating something very valuable!”
– Morten Lundholm, Consumer Experience Research Manager, Lego.

“I think that a service like this would be interesting for any  
company that has a modern approach to research and innovation.”

-Andreas Stær, Webmaster, Carlsberg Group

“Before when you approached the bank you came with your hat in your hand – this could change things and have us approach consumers with our hats in hand”
– Jeppe Olsen, Head of Marketing, Middelfart Sparekasse.

“Lots of people have good ideas and want to do good. This could supply the platform where ordinary consumers can bring those ideas to life and have real impact on the world”
– Nadia Pass, Founding Editor at reflexioner.org, Social Activist