The Satanizer

The Satanizer – Headbanger Hero

The Satanizer is a toy much like Guitar Hero and other systems like it. With the Satanizer you can challenge your friend (or enemy) in a headbanging duel to the death, cementing once and for all who is a true minion of Satan.

The game is played by two players. Each player dons a Wig of Wickedness and one of the Demonic Crosses of Death and mounts a podium. When the music starts, each player tries to headbang along to the song. If he is skillful and Satan is with him, the diodes of the crosses light up, depending on how close he is to the tempo of the song – green is within 60% of the calculated beats, yellow within 70% and 80% flashes a diabolical red, determining he who shall sit at Satan’s side when Armageddon comes.