Wunderkammer is a backup space for your most precious digital content. It is a long-term solution to outpace the obsolescence of technology.

I. digital lifetime
As we move from device to device and from computer to computer, our most important digital content makes the jump with us. Digital files are easily copied, but sometimes files are lost, and sometimes they’re left behind – and as technology progresses, some may be incompatible with the latest software. Wunderkammer exists to ensure that the most precious content is always preserved, ready to be passed on to the next computer and on to the next generation.

II. preservation
To address the problem of incompatibility, Wunderkammer has a built-in archive system. It locates and downloads the drivers, codec, applications, and operating systems that may be required to open and edit the files in the future.

III. in a safe space
A secure login ensures that content is always nearby but kept private and separate from the rest of your data. A keyboard shortcut quickly accesses the login menu and the user enters a private key-code. After the code is accepted, the desktop transitions away and reveals Wunderkammer, just behind the scenes.

IV. wander / relive
Wunderkammer is a space beyond the desktop that is always within reach. Your most important content is always a few keystrokes away, visually arranged and organised chronologically for you to browse and explore. Relive past experiences through chosen photos, video, emails – all of the files you never want to lose are visible in one place. Exploring the idea of a digital lifetime – Wunderkammer lets you set up content for future discovery. Browse the content, add notes, and create stories for your friends and family to experience. Prolong access to the rich digital material that has enhanced your life, and share it with others.

V. entrust
Your personal Wunderkammer archive can be backed up and shared with friends and family, staying secure on many computers. By having multiple backups, the chance of losing data is minimised. By opening up part of your own hard drive space for a friend to store their precious content, you are helping their content make the leap to the future, when it will bring back some their best memories.

As technology continues to advance, the race to stay ahead of digital decay easily won with Wunderkammer.