Scriba is an application that reproduces the ritual of writing a personal letter, capturing aspects that go beyond the keyboard.

Leaving traces on a digital letter…
When you write a letter, what makes it personal is not only the content you transfer with words, but also the way you go through the different steps to produce it. It is a process that allows you to capture beyond the media you are writing on, thanks to the influences that the environment around you and the time impresses on the content and the physical outcome.

Scriba aims to allow the user to experience the same process while writing a personal letter on the computer. On one hand, Scriba allows you to focus on your letter by isolating you from your computer environment. On the other hand, it gives space to temporal traces by a navigation bar that counts your writing sessions as dots and by leaving empty spaces as time passed by between them.

Scriba records the environment around you by analysing the light and the noise. If it recognises you are writing in a place that doesn’t help focus your attention, the lines will start to become irregular and bent. Writing a letter implies reducing distraction and dedicating time to the person you are writing to. This is why even leaving traces of your errors could be precious for building the message of your letter.