Keepclose is a simple application given to a person as a gift. It allows them to collect meaningful digital artifacts to tell the story of a period of time in their life.

On receiving the gift of a Keepclose box, users download and install the application. It sits in their computer’s dock. Users can add pictures, movies, music or any other types of file to their Keepclose box. To add an item, they simply drag and drop it onto the Keepclose dock icon. They can also attach a note to a file while adding it to the box. Each Keepclose box is open for a fixed number of days and can hold a fixed number of items. While the box is open, the user can only add, not delete or view its content.

When the duration of the box has elapsed, the box is sealed. Now the user can explore the contents of the box. They can reflect on their experiences and perhaps share them with the person who gave them the Keepclose box.