Free! Cph Bikeshare

Free is a touchscreen system that allows you to find free bikes in easy range of touch points integrated into bus stops and other transport hubs – while allowing you to reserve them for long enough for you to get there.

The system is aimed at bus stops and transport hubs since they are what I have designated “areas of choice” – why wait 10 minutes for the bus if there is a bike 2 minutes away? The bikes can be left anywhere in the city after use, in order to avoid having to cycle between docking points that aren’t on your preferred route.

To make sure the cycles find their way back home, the concept utilises a return-system modelled on the bottle-return system already employed by Copenhageners. Each bike returned to a dock or repair station releases a small cash reward, paid by through advertising, utilizing behaviour already in practice by homeless people, aiding them financially while getting bikes back to commuter areas before rush hour.

Free is an experimental prototype designed to address questions of the bike system as city branding exercise as well as questions of convenience and integration into everyday commuter behaviour.

Although feasible in the near future, today it would have to be confined to a mobile and online application.