Fixed to Share

Fixed to Share is designed in order to have more shared bikes spread around the city and to make them available enough so feel you own one of them.

In Copenhagen there are lots of broken bikes abandoned in the city. Police collect them but they often remain unused. In the Fixed to Share system, the city council would have an agreement with the bike shops so that they could take broken/abandoned bikes and repair them. People could have one of these bikes for free, keeping it at home to use as if it was their own bike. In exchange they would have to loan them for a flexible period of their choice to other members of the system.

The Fixed to Share project consists of a web-service, where members can either own a shared bike or just rent one occasionally from other members. It could be useful to develop the sharing system further by allowing people to start sharing with bikes they already own, without police/city council and bike shops being involved. This would give me feedback regarding how people will behave around this renting scheme in order to improve the interaction allowed in the service website.