Easy Bike

This is an application concept for a touchpoint of a Bikesharing System.

The key objective of this concept is keep the service cheap and easy to use. It’s based on people’s responsibility and asks for a name and ID card number.
People can decide to abandon bike around the city but if they do, they won’t be able to take another-one. People can also decide to not pay for the service, but then a bike will start to make noise so everybody nearby will know that they are not paying for the service.

People have only to go to a touchpoint, register, pay a little amount of money and take a bike or, if they have already a bike-card, insert the card directly in the bike and cycle away.

The system encourages people to take the bike for a short ride, but nothing prevents them from paying more and taking the bike for longer.

The application shown here is only a sketch of a possible system. It would need a lot of refinement for it to become real.