Cycle Rescue

This design concept aims at addressing the problem of shared cycles frequently being abandoned and not returned to their docking stations. As a result, often they are stolen, taken apart or damaged by exposure to the elements. This service could be used by all but it is aimed at locals who are recurrent users of the system. It rewards them for retrieving and using cycles that have been abandoned. It would be part of a larger service ecosystem.

In this cycle sharing system, each cycle would be fitted with a beacon and an activation mechanism that unlocks it for 24 hours at a time. If a cycle is not returned to a docking station within 24 hours, the beacon begins to broadcast the cycle’s status as ‘lost’ along with its GPS coordinates.

When a user logs in to the iPhone application (prototyped here), their current location is displayed on a map (using the phone’s GPS). Nearby docking stations are marked along with the number of cycles currently at the station. Also, cycles lost in the user’s vicinity are displayed along with the walking time to the cycle and how long it has been lost for.

The user can then locate the lost cycle, activate it for 24 hours and return it to a docking station in time. By returning a lost cycle, the user’s account is credited with 20 kroner. Alternatively, using a cycle from a docking station costs 10 kroner. Thus regular users could accumulate credit in the system.

This concept hopes to reward good civic sense and inspire a sense of responsibility among the citizens of the city.