V for Vimeo

I chose to use the Vimeo API because I like the site’s attitude and design philosophy. Vimeo distinguishes itself from other video hosting sites by requiring and actively enforcing that uploaded videos must be created by the user. This has made Vimeo a hub for creatively-inclined people such as filmmakers, designers, artists and photographers.

V is a browsing app for Vimeo for seeing a zoomed-out, collective view of you and your contacts’ Vimeo content and encouraging the discovery of new interesting content.

With the clustering of mini bar graphs around individual people, groups, and videos, it is very easy to see how popular a particular video or group is, and how active a person is on Vimeo. The collective space is a more playful browsing experience than clicking through individual web pages.

In this quick prototype, the space gets cluttered very quickly. There are many features, like video playback and a more understandable GUI, that would be built for a real application.