Tags and users – Last.fm

I used the Last.fm API to visualise the relationship between Last.fm users and their tags. When you add a user to the screen you automatically receive all the tags of the user, and if several users have the same tag, the tag will become bigger and bigger. You can sort the tags in three ways: random; in a circle; or by dragging them around on the screen. The user will always centered relative to the position of his/her tags.

By comparing several users you get a quick overview of shared taste of music, and by moving around with the tags you can see what kind of music the different users listen to the most. The interface is very intuitive and playful, which makes it a fun way to compare and visualise you and your friends’ last.fm accounts.

It would be interesting to implement a feature to search for Last.fm users with a large amount of shared tags and connect with those through the Flash application. It would also be very necessary to have an easy way to add your existing Last.fm friends to the visualisation for easy comparison.