I used Google News Channel RSS Feeds as my data source, extracting only images from the feeds and displaying them in grid fashion on NewsVision’s website. Visitors to NewsVision can simply glance through all the images to identify ones that are potentially interesting to them. Subsequently, they can click on the image to view a briefing or summary of the news on a popup window. It also provides links to full page articles if they are interested in exploring the news further.

In fast-paced modern life, being able to absorb large amounts of information within short time is crucial to many of us. Although many current news websites, such as Google News Channel, provide us with up-to-the-minute information, the overly crowded webpages often prevent us from selecting the important news or from getting a general idea in one glance.

NewsVision aims to take on this challenge by proposing an innovative way of displaying news through clickable images, allowing readers to go through fast filtering in three simple steps, instead of rambling around the full webpage to search for news that interests them.

Using images-only as a media to convey ideas is a challenge in itself. As a result, to develop NewsVision further, I would need to search for nice images with high resolution through more RSS news feed providers. Google News Channel provides many images according to the latest news; at the same time, Yahoo News Channel often has better quality images. It would be a challenge to find the balance.