Pachube is a website for easy sharing and retrieving of sensor data from all over the world. The easy-to-use interface has many benefits which enable the user of the website to get connected quickly and start sharing data. However, one thing lacking in the software was to get a quick and easy overview of the most active sensor nodes among all the inactivity and static that naturally occurs in this kind of open system.

The way searching is currently handled is that you search a tag and it returns a multi-paged list with all the corresponding feeds. It takes a long time to look through and gain an overview. Datube gives you the same functionality to easily search data-feeds containing a certain tag but shows the result by using movement to highlight changing sensor data over the last 24-hours. This sorts out the most changing feeds which you can then investigate deeper to see if they fit your intended use.

The next step is to bring in more search options to narrow down the result, meaning a shorter time from the start of the search to finding the desired content.