Bike Sharing Visualizer

The visualisation shows the number of free bikes in the Barcalona sharing system within a 24-hour range. The time is changed by moving the mouse from left to right.
Coloured and different sized dots were used to visualise the number of free bikes. The more free bikes the bigger the dot. The colours were used to emphasise this: no bikes, red; some free bikes, yellow; and a lot of free bikes, green.

There are more than 400 bike stations in Barcelona so visualisation helps the bike sharing system administrators gain an overall view on where bikes are used (or needed) and on what time of day the system is most stressed. There is also the possiblity to select a number of stations and see more about those specific stations.

Currently the bike stations are not exactly mapped to the real positions in Barcalona (the map is stretched a bit) and I would like to implement the possibility of having a overlay of a real map of Barcalona. What also could be interesting would be to visualise the change of free bikes on a station from one hour to the next.