TUI Paint

TUI Paint is a gestural interface, using oversized paintbrushes and camera recognition, allowing the user to paint digitally on a suspended glass display.

There are four paintbrushes, each a different color. The brush strokes are made by pointing the brush at the camera near the glass display. The individual brushes are recognized by the fiducial on the bristle end, and fluid lines are drawn on the screen, following the motion of the brush.

Each paintbrush is marked with a feducial. A fiducial is an icon that can be recognized by a webcam so it can be interpreted by software. The brushes are 1m in length, so the user is usually holding the brush with both hands, pointing the brush end toward the glass display, and creating lines on the screen, following the stroke of the brush.

TUI Paint was designed to bring digital painting into the physical world. It is intended to be ephemeral and playful.