Fragmented Sounds

In music composition, fragmentation is the use of fragments or the division of a musical idea (gesture, motive, theme, etc.) into segments. Fragmented Sounds is about reacquiring and manipulating sound fragments into an unique creation using careful head movements. There are many different layers of interaction for the user to discover, creating an interesting experience both the first and the 100th time.

By carefully moving your head in front of the screen you collect small fragments of sound into your ‘orb’. The more fragments of one colour you collect, the louder and more prominent that sound will be. Collecting all the fragments of all the sounds will create the full sound landscape.

Once the sound fragments are captured inside the orb you can start manipulating ithem. By slowly wiggling the orb back and forth you are able to create fading from left to right. This has to be done carefully or otherwise the sounds will burst out of the orb and you will have to collect them again.

There are many more possible interactions available, such as sound input and different movements patterns, that need to be discovered by the user creating an ever-changing unique sound landscape each time.