Flat Ball

Vector math, video stream and face recognition join together to produce an extraordinary gaming experience. Flat Ball is a Processing based, two-player game, that uses an OpenCV library for face recognition and motion tracking. The idea behind this simple, but entertaining game is to discover the possible interactions between two people wanting to achieve the same goal.

The game starts whenever the camera spots two faces in its field of view. Players have to position themselves on opposite sides of the screen, then a referee’s whistle signals the start of the game. Two footballs show on top of the screen. Players have to use their heads to keep the ball from falling down off the screen for a certain amount of time. If the player’s ball does not fall down, the player wins. If both players keep their ball on head for certain amount of time they both win.

During the exhibition it was clear to see that the most interesting and fun interactions were when people started to compete with each other by pushing the other player out of the camera view. Some players figured out that they can put the balls inside the virtual cone created with their faces preventing the balls from falling down off the screen. The game can be used just for fun or as a simple and engaging team building tool for discovering the competitive or collaborative spirit within the players.