Surojit Dey

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: User Experience Design, Visual Design, Mixed Reality and Tangible media

Born and raised in India, Surojit constantly tries to figure out ways in which design can make human life better. In the ever changing world, as a User Experience Designer, he finds it very important to empathize with the users and figure out their changing needs by applying the design thinking process. Knowing the fact that machines are becoming an inevitable part of our lives, he finds it very interesting to observe, understand and create interactions between machines and humans. His curiosity to learn new things and to apply them for creating meaningful and engaging interactions gives him the drive to come up with innovative ideas.

He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 and had started working at a glass design company. In 2015, he joined IIT Kanpur to pursue a Masters in User Experience Design. During his masters, he started exploring the application of TUIs and augmented reality. After doing intensive research in the domains of production lines and education he proposed a few relevant applications of AR which were published in a couple of papers. He was not very convinced by the fact that Augmented Reality only shows virtual graphical elements to the users which they could just see and not feel. This motivated him to give physical entity to the augmented virtual objects. His Masters’ thesis was based on developing a system which could create 3D virtual volumes to generate tactile experiences in mid-air.

At CIID, Surojit hopes to dive deep into electronics, programming, and prototyping. He is really excited about meeting the wide network of people at CIID who come from different backgrounds. He is looking forward to getting opportunities to explore new challenges and come up with innovative solutions for them.