Rina Shumylo

Nationality: Ukrainian
Area of Expertise: Art Direction, Business Management

Rina is a creative industry entrepreneur and public speaker. With Master’s degree in marketing and professional experiences in design, advertising, and strategy, Rina launched ILL&MATES illustration studio in 2012. Despite extremely hard first years, ILL&MATES became a successful image production studio with a talented team and high reputation. Rina worked on the projects for BBDO, Y&R, Pepsi, Esquire, Carlsberg, and Viasat.

Having discovered illustrator’s hunger for expertise and professional communication, Rina founded Graphite – an educational platform for illustrators to get equipped with updated knowledge, share experience, and connect to the creative community. She convinced them that broadening their skill set and tailoring experiences would unleash full potential and accelerate growth.

Alongside running the studio, Rina established Cinema Poster Awards, an annual film poster competition for Ukrainian illustrators and designers. The contest’s goal is to provide a stage for young artists to show their art and get a professional evaluation of their work. Among the jury members, there are visual communication professionals, who worked with 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, and Universal.

Rina believes that you are not only limited to what you have experienced before. You should follow your passion and inspiration that fuel creative thinking and innovation efforts. She wants to explore a new professional path and shift her career towards Interaction Design. Rina joins CIID as it is a multidisciplinary melting pot in which people from diverse backgrounds and mindsets come to get fresh insights, tackle challenges, and develop new-to-the-world ideas.