Jing Yu

Nationality: USA
Area of Expertise: Pharmaceutical Research, Bioengineering, Science

Jing is a cancer research scientist from San Francisco. Her work involves developing pharmaceuticals that target cancer stem cells for a broad spectrum of indications. Most recently, she has focused on exploratory technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9 and CAR-T in the scope of cancer therapeutics.

After earning her bioengineering degree at UC Berkeley, she worked in academia at Berkeley/UCSF developing Brain-Computer Interfaces – a burgeoning, interdisciplinary field she has a sustained fascination for today. At SWARM lab Berkeley, Jing collaborated amongst a diverse team of engineers to design a new generation of neural implants and developed methods to decode neural patterns collected at UCSF.

While her experience is rooted in science/engineering, Jing has a deep appreciation for good design and has experienced firsthand the need (and disregard) for design in the science industry. From process to product, there is incredible potential in the intersection of science/design. At CIID, she hopes to be exposed to a diverse spectrum of design minds, methodologies and challenges which can be leveraged to conceive of ways that biotechnology can be re-framed, re-packaged and re-designed for a more impactful experience for both practitioner and consumer.