Axel Jorgensen

Nationality: Argentinian/Danish
Area of Expertise: Digital Marketing, Economics

Axel is an Argentine/Danish economist with a background in Digital Marketing. He believes that design thinking is a resource and time efficient, evolutionary approach to tackling any problem and that it is most valuable in a multidisciplinary environment.

He has a 5 year experience in Digital Marketing within Google, working in close quarters with fortune 500 companies and their respective C-levels, as well as managing several projects on the side within the company. He is also the Co-Founder and former Director of Cava En Red, a network of NGOs that works with over 50 NGO in Argentina alone.

He is passionate about innovation around service and product design as well as design thinking and has designed and commercialized several of his own products in Argentina. As a Bachelor in Economics he has worked in several research investigations related to social work in his country of origin and is passionate about combating poverty and malnutrition through education and innovation.