Alex Penman

Nationality: United States
Area of Expertise: Software Development

Alex is a software engineer and creative coder currently based in San Francisco.

He studied computer science and media arts at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo while serving as music director at the college radio station and being involved in the local music scene. After college, he joined a small education technology startup focused on student analytics which eventually got acquired by one of the nation’s leading companies in education. Recently, Alex completed Gray Area’s Creative Code Immersive in San Francisco where he gained hands-on experience with various technologies and preparing projects for public installation. He is currently working at a design agency as a web developer and interaction designer where he works closely with designers to build out web experiences.

While at CIID, Alex hopes to gain practical experience in human-centered design and is looking forward to the exchange of ideas that comes out of collaborating with a diverse group of talented individuals.