Radhika Agarwal

Nationality: Singapore, USA, India
Area of Expertise:
Product Design, Healthcare, Emerging Markets

Radhika earned her B.S. in Systems Engineering and Robotics from Washington University in St.Louis during which she created award winning medical and consumer devices at several start-ups including her own in 2014. After her studies, she joined Frog Design in San Francisco where she conceptualized futuristic transport systems and built prototypes for start-ups in the extreme sports space. Radhika is currently based in New Delhi as Lead Product Designer for Windmill Health where she designs and implements solutions to healthcare challenges in resource constrained settings.

With professional experiences in engineering, design, strategy and music, Radhika seeks challenges at the intersection of commonly siloed disciplines. Growing up globally in cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, Radhika emphasizes learning from others in multicultural environments. This diversity of culture and professional experience inspires her work.

At the CIID, Radhika is excited to apply systems thinking and product design to creating digital systems that humanize our relationship with technology. She looks forward to integrating her interests in gender studies, music composition and boxing to the design of emotive products alongside diverse teams of creative minds.