Ine-Charlotte Asakskogen

Nationality: Norway
Area of Expertise:
Graphic Design

Her interest in how the human beings work, how they interact with each other and passion for good design was the reason Ine-Charlotte started to explore the field of interaction design. She has a background mainly from graphic design, but she has also studied subjects such as religious studies and psychology. Currently she is at Headspin Productions where she is mostly working with webdesign.

It is the curiosity and wanting to learn new things that drives her. And especially how the human beings interact with technology is something she finds very interesting. To make technology go from complexity to usability, and making it intuitive.

Ine-Charlotte always finds inspiration through people who have a big passion for what they are doing, and hopefully her passion for what she is doing can inspire other people as well. At CIID she is really looking forward to get into exploring and finding solutions to new challenges. She thinks this programme can give a necessary experience she can bring into her future plans working as an multidisciplinary designer. A great way to combine her biggest interest and passion.