Bora Kim

Nationality: South Korea
Area of Expertise:
Graphic Design, Product Design, Illustration

Bora enjoys creating experiences out of everyday object with a particular bent towards using paper as a medium. After receiving her BA in Visual Communication Design from Kookmin University (Korea), she worked on a various of gift products and packaging across a range of industries including Stationery, Food Franchise and Book Publishing, and her own paper product company A-maze Paper.

Her recent experience of living in London and working with a tech startup, Lost My Name shed light on how technology can empower traditional industries and shape the way people interact and do things. Especially, she became interested in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) and wants to give new functions and values to our everyday objects by combining properties of analogue and digital. 

While at CIID, Bora hopes to learn, explore, and grow into a well-rounded practitioner who can work in cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams.