Simon Herzog

Head of Professional Programmes

Simon teaches designers about business and business-people about design. He is pragmatic about solving problems and passionate about working in cross-disciplinary environments with creative people. With a background in sociology from Columbia University, early-stage investing in New York’s startup scene, and interaction and service design at CIID, he has worked in environments such as prisons, project buildings, and venture capital boardrooms. This hybrid experience between field work, design, and business makes him particularly attuned to creating strategic and financial viability through service design informed by real-world insights. Or, more simply: creating services that work, solve problems, and delight.

As a CIID alumnus, he first built the Nest, CIID’s in-house social impact incubator, and founded and is leading Professional Programmes, a training unit delivering public and custom workshops for working professionals around the world. Simon also works as an instructor to the Interaction Design Programme, Summer School, and 30+ Professional Programmes workshops in India, Singapore, Greece, Denmark, the UK, and the US.