Mette Harrestrup

Resident Interaction Design Expert
Country: Denmark

As a designer, Mette Harrestrup has worked with global organisations including Nike, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Lego, and B&O to drive innovation through design thinking. Before joining CIID, she was director of design education at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). She also served as a board member of the Global Fashion Agenda, where she represented Danish design education in an effort to support sustainable global initiatives.

Mette holds a Doctoral Degree in collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture, and wrote her dissertation on a topic she’s always happy to talk about over a coffee:“From pictogram to sensogram—a sensual transformation via phenomenology and pervasive computing.” She’s also been a student, teacher, researcher and Head of Institute at Denmark’s Kolding School of Design.

As a designer, mother, colleague, mentor, and leader, Mette believes it’s all about people and the interactions that happen between, among, and around us. Give her 10 minutes and she’ll know much more about you’ll than you told her in words.