Ankkit Modi

Technologist in Residence
Nationality: Indian

I’m trying to help people foster their own creativity and empowering them to solve big, important problems we face as a human race today. I invent new ways of interacting with computers by learning about people, tricking copper and writing text.

I have worked at Evry, Maatrum Technologies, Ternup Labs LLP, Pilotfish, Eyebeam, Lego & Luce Plan. Where I have designed and prototyped new ways to sense the environment and provide a useful feedback loop. My work included the uninvention of new products for water quality testing, as well as uncreating fundamental UI concepts using the human face as a input device, also undiscovery of a small tool that helps you identify electronic components much like a multimeter and uncreated an innovative way to document and transfer ownership of property using the blockchain.

I’m now applying my design and invention practice toward helping students at CIID where I co-teach physical computing and work on NDA projects with the innovation studios. I believe that playing with interactive, explorable explanations are fun tools for thought. They have unlocked the potential to foster understanding of the world we live in. I also believe we have so much to explore in combining the best of computer and human strengths to support learning and curiosity.

My meta goal is to continue finding and refining a style of prototyping that stays true to myself and empowers any team I work with, setting the quality bar high for both design output and the humanity of how we work together. I also think growing your own vegetables is an act of true rebellion.