We have closed the admissions process for International applicants for January 2015 but there are still 2 places open for Danish applicants. If you require more information please contact Alie Rose, Head of Education (

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The information below is relevant for the students who applied for entry in 2015. We will leave this online so future applicants can get an idea of what they would need to submit.

You can find information on the curriculum, student / faculty profiles and a list of frequently asked questions on this website but if you can’t find what you are looking for then please email

What we look for

As CIID is focused on the broad potential of design and technology, we like to ensure that the Interaction Design Programme has a wide selection of students and we welcome applicants from all over the world and from all backgrounds. Each year we build a diverse class of up to 25 students.

You should be curious and creative; enthusiastic about design and working in a cross-disciplinary environment. Whether you’re currently studying or working, you should be interested in the connections between education and interaction design practice.


To apply for the Interaction Design Programme, you must have a prior university or college undergraduate degree (or equivalent experience) and submit an application and other supporting documentation. Qualified applicants will be invited for a telephone interview, after which we will make our final selections.

Applicants are expected to have a college degree (typically a Bachelors) or equivalent experience. Your degree should be noted on your transcript, or you should include a description of your comparable experience.

The online application form includes a longer essay (approximately 750 words) about your interest in the programme. Please discuss your previous experience and future plans in the context of the interaction design programme. What do you hope to get out of your time in the programme? What can you contribute? Why are you interested in this particular programme?

All applications must include a portfolio of work. This doesn’t necessarily need to consist of design projects, but should demonstrate your experience in your field, whatever form it takes (e.g. programming projects or written work). Be sure to indicate your specific role in the works described. Your portfolio may consist of digital or physical material.
Please note: we are unable to return any physical items submitted.

Applications should include a CV / résumé. This needs to provide an overview of your educational and work experience, highlighting specific projects, accomplishments, interests and experience of relevance to the programme.

Submit hard copies of recommendation letters from two people familiar with your academic or professional work. They should discuss your work, strengths, weaknesses and overall ability. The letter should provide a candid assessment of character, creativity, motivation, capabilities and suitability for the programme. These letters should be on headed paper and sent directly from the author to the Interaction Design Programme (c/o Alie Rose). This information will be kept confidential. Emails/PDFs will be accepted but they must come from the company/organisation email address of the person writing the recommendation (send to – attention of Alie Rose).

Submit official transcripts (originals, not photocopies) from all colleges and universities attended. If these are not in English, you must send certified translations in addition to the originals. Transcripts should include documentation of any degrees awarded. If they do not, send a certified copy of your diploma. Do NOT send the original of your diploma. No documents will be returned. If your studies are still in progress, any offer of admission will be contingent on their successful completion.

Candidates should be proficient in written and spoken English. To this end, all application materials must be personally completed by the candidate. Some candidates may be requested to submit additional writing samples as evidence of their English proficiency. Your ability to communicate well will be carefully assessed if you are invited for a phone interview.


You will need to complete the online application form. It includes basic personal information as well as a personal essay and an upload form for your portfolio and CV / résumé.

No fees are required to apply for admission. However, a non-refundable deposit will be charged when an applicant accepts a place on the programme.

2014 students will be required to pay a highly subsidised tuition fee of 100,000DKK (approx. 13,500 Euro). CIID and our Founding Partners already cover more than 50% of the actual cost. As a policy we are seeking the highest quality applications and financial factors do not influence the admissions process.

Due to the fact we are already subsidising the tuition fee, CIID cannot provide scholarships and we are not able to tell you where to apply for them. Financial aid (covering tuition and/or living expenses) may be available from the home country of the applicant. However, it is the applicant’s responsibility to locate financial aid, if required. We encourage people to start researching these possibilities on an individual basis as opportunities vary greatly from country to country.

We will only process completed applications; partial submissions will not be evaluated. Any physical aspects of your application should be sent to the address listed below. Please be sure all items are clearly identified with your name. You may use a delivery or normal postal service and we must have received all items by the deadline. No items will be returned.

We will conduct interviews (in English) of promising candidates. Because the programme will be small and in large measure shaped by the students, we feel it is important to get a more personal sense of the applicants than can be gleaned from static materials. All interviews will be conducted over the phone to avoid putting at a disadvantage those students unable to come to Copenhagen for an in-person interview. Following the interviews, offers of admission will be made to selected candidates.

Deliverables Checklist

- Completed online application
- Resume: Submit this using the relevant file upload field in the online application form. Ensure that this is in PDF format (Word and other formats not accepted).
- Two letters of recommendation: These letters should be sent directly from the author to the admissions address below.
- Official transcripts of all college or university work
- Portfolio

To submit a physical portfolio (print, prototypes, DVD, etc) use the admission address below.

To submit a digital portfolio: Create a zip archive of your digital portfolio file. Make sure the archive is no bigger then 7MB. Please use standard formats (pdf, swf, ppt, jpg) that do not require the use of any specific software packages. Submit this using the relevant file upload field in the online application.

Alternatively, you may submit a URL for your online portfolio using the relevant field of the online application form.


Interaction Design Programme
C/O Alie Rose
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Toldbodgade 37b
1253, Copenhagen K

Application Deadline

Estimated schedule for 2015 application (please check back here for the most up to date information)

We are no longer accepting applications for 2015.

We will contact qualified candidates on an individual basis to schedule telephone interviews. We will contact ALL applicants to let them know if they have been successful or not. The interviews will take place in June 2014.

We will notify individual students of their acceptance into the programme at the end of the interview process. We are aiming to do this by the end of June. Those wishing to accept an offer will be asked to do so before the end of July 2014.

We may decide that there are more qualified applicants than places available. In that case, some applicants may be placed on a waiting list. If accepted applicants do not enroll, applicants from the waiting list will be offered a place.

Course Dates

January-December 2015 (exact dates TBC)