Intro to Interaction Design

Explore the nature and aesthetics of interaction design. Practice creativity in a hands-on studio environment.

Workshop dates: To be decided

Faculty: To be decided

What is this workshop?

Interaction Design is the practice of designing how people use and relate to technology, systems, and objects from a human perspective. It focuses on theory and techniques that help us make things that are meaningful, useful, and usable for people based on their context and needs. This five-day workshop focuses on interaction design foundations, history, critique, aesthetics, and contemporary issues in a studio environment. It provides a great intro to new practitioners as well as an in-depth exploration of interaction design foundations for experienced designers.

What will you learn?

  • Design foundations, theory, history, and practice
  • Sketching, concept models, and more design techniques
  • Giving and receiving critique
  • How to be creative within constraints
  • How to practice creativity, design synthesis, and more, in a hands-on studio environment
  • Working both individually and in small teams

How will you learn it?

This workshop take a “learning by doing” approach, offering participants an opportunity to get hands on with interaction design through small team projects. Through a mix of lecture and studio, participants will explore the aesthetics, history, and practice of interaction design producing their own prototypes and presentations by the end of the week.

Is this for you?

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to explore the practice of Interaction Design in both a theoretical and practical way. If you are coming from another design discipline this will be a great intro into what makes interaction design unique. If you have never done any design before, you will get a chance to learn the basics of how to work like a designer as well as the detailed context of interaction design specifically.

What do you need to bring to the workshop?

  • A computer
  • An open mind and willingness to try new things!