Designing Data-Driven Services

Explore the material properties of data – understanding its opportunities and risks – to create new products and services that generate meaningful value and utility for people.

Workshop Dates: To be dediced

Faculty: To be dediced.

What is this workshop?

The most impactful new products of our time are made from data. From ride-sharing products that use location data to dynamically distribute demand around cities, to AI helping courts convict criminals or determine how likely they are to relapse, or advertising platforms that influence political outcomes. Data is being used as a design material to invent a new class of products and services.

We see both opportunities and risks in innovating with data. The goal of this workshop is to engage with both these sides, and to empower everyone to creatively and critically work with data to build digital products, making the process more accessible and open to all.

What will you learn?

You will learn to identify the ways in which data already powers many of the services that we depend on every day, and develop a mental model for how data is collected, combined and used to create these services.

You will then explore how to design new products and services that have data at their core – with a strong focus on people and their needs – while also learning to recognise risks and potentials for misuse when using personal data in designing a product.

What you will not learn? 

This course will be focused on the design of digital products, so we will not be delving into data science techniques or number-crunching!

How will you learn it? 

You’ll learn by diving into personal data (including your own!), through design methods that develop your intuition for understanding and inventing products made from data. 

We will use data as a tool to speculate around potential near and far-future scenarios around data products and services.

You’ll work in teams to:

  • Experience first-hand the process of identifying, gathering, ingesting, modelling and rendering data into useful and valuable experiences.
  • Explore a simple set of methods to identify opportunities, explore ideas and define new products and services. 
  • Understand the benefits of prototyping a product with real data and work your way through some magical methods for making this happen without the need to build the final technology. 

Is this for you?

Yes – if what you do impacts people’s everyday lives you can take advantage of the opportunities that arise from data, and work more mindfully to understand its risks and limitations.

This course requires no specific technical knowledge.

Expertise Level of the workshop

Basic to medium level

What do you need to bring to the workshop?

Bring your lovely self and a laptop. We will use a mix of simple physical and digital tools and methods to work with data, which you’ll be able to start using easily.