Design Thinking for Services

Workshop Dates: November 16-20, 2020

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Faculty: TBA

What is this workshop?

This 5-day part-time workshop offers a thorough hands-on introduction to the concept and practice of design thinking for services, processes, and products. Understand why design thinking has become the go-to approach for innovation across industries, and learn how to apply it according to your own needs. You’ll walk away with a complete toolkit for human-centered innovation and a certificate from CIID.

This hands-on course will guide you through the entire process, from understanding a stakeholder group to discovering a need to creating a solution to address it – whether it is a process, a service, a product, or an app.

What will you learn?

Over the course of three days, we will introduce you to fast, effective, and broadly applicable tools and techniques for prototyping digital, physical, and hybrid service concepts. Our focus is on nuanced applications specific to CIID’s design practice in Copenhagen with an emphasis on techniques for practical innovation, all applied through learning by doing.


  • Intercept Interviews: Tips and techniques for spontaneous, in-context, field research.
  • In-depth Interviews: Templates and structures for gaining deep user insights.
  • Research Synthesis: How to make sense of field research through clustering techniques.
  • User Journey Mapping: Identifying pain points and highlights in an existing service.


  • Insight generation: Techniques for distilling large amounts of data and complex information into actionable insights.
  • Opportunity finding: How to formulate designable questions from research-backed insights.
  • Rapid ideation: Tools for generating large quantities of ideas and refining them.


  • Concept mapping: Tools for developing rough ideas into a detailed and actionable concept.
  • Co-creation: A powerful way to get input and buy-in from end users by involving them in the design process directly.
  • Experience Prototyping: Techniques for creating and testing immersive prototypes ready for further development. Guidelines for iteration and optimal fidelity levels for rapid field testing.

How will you learn it?

During the five days you will do research, create insights, and prototype and test solutions. Along the way you’ll learn practical tools to take back to your work, including research methods, synthesis approaches, user journey mapping, rapid ideation, and experience prototyping techniques.
By the end of day 5, you will be ready to apply this knowledge to your own work and become an ambassador of positive change inside your organization.

Lectures are spread throughout the five days and are immediately followed by direct hands-on applications, research and prototyping in the field, and individual and group coaching along the way. We will work according to a rapid design thinking process that puts the user at the center to create actionable and testable experience prototypes.



  • Introduction – 30 mins
  • Design thinking, touchpoints, and service design – 30 mins
  • Research tools – 30 mins
  • Research preparation – 60 mins
  • Research pt. 1 – 60 mins


  • Advanced research techniques – 15 mins
  • Research pt. 2 – 120 mins
  • Research download – 60 mins
  • Journey Mapping – 45 mins


  • Clustering – 30 mins
  • User typologies – 30 mins
  • Insights – 45 mins
  • Opportunities – 45 mins
  • Ideation – 60 mins
  • Concept development pt. 1 – 30 mins


  • Concept development pt. 2 – 30 mins
  • Prototyping techniques – 30 mins
  • Preparing prototypes – 90 mins
  • Testing pt. 1 – 90 mins


  • Iterating prototypes – 60 mins
  • Testing pt. 2 – 60 mins
  • Presentations – 60 mins
  • Debrief & discussion – 60 mins

Is this for you?

This workshop is ideal for anyone responsible for creating or delivering products and services, understanding customers and users and improving their experience, or managing such a process. Enthusiastic past participants have included professionals from product, marketing, HR, usability, front-end development, and designers of all kinds. The course is particularly suited for multidisciplinary project teams working towards a common goal, and we encourage teams to join as a group to acquire fluency in a new shared language and methodology.

We have trained participants from environments as diverse as Google, the New York Times, Singapore Airlines, Wolff Olins, and many others. This is an introductory course focusing on practical design processes in their entirety, but we welcome designers from any fields who wish to become more human-centered and holistic in their approach. Due to the small course size we are able to give a lot of individual attention and support to all participants and have time to go in-depth when needed.

What you need to bring to this workshop:

  • A computer

Enrol now: There is a maximum number of 20 places available for each workshop, first come first served. Enrolment will be closed when the workshops are full.