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Workshop Dates: November 9–13, 2020 (10 am–6 pm Japan Standard Time)

Faculty: TBA

What is this workshop?

We often hear about the relevance and importance of AI in our lives, but often these discussions are centered either around the negative and dystopian topics of surveillance or the hyper positive Silicon Valley views of how this will solve everything. 

In this class we will look instead at the middle, and how we take a new humanistic approach to this technology by exploring new interactions that can make a positive impact in our lives. We will zoom in our everyday lives in the present and the near future and look at how Artificial Intelligence can become a tool to create new and unexpected experiences to deal with the ‘new normal’ of our present today in our homes. 

We will explore questions like, How can we create new concepts of co-presence when divided by using the webcam in front of you? How can we change our rituals with a little bit of ‘artificial’ help?  How can we use the generative potential of Machine Learning to create new forms of learning and entertainment? Or how can we use technology to create meaningful connections when living apart?

What will you learn?

This class will be a mix of stretching your brain in creating future concepts and developing new prototyping skills at the same time.  Firstly we will focus on shifting our perspective about Artificial Intelligence and how to develop future concepts by thinking about the deeper implications in our everyday life. Then we will show you how to quickly get into prototyping using available and open source tools to tame Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to become a new tool in your designer belt. Learn how to use creativing coding to express sketches and ideas locally or online.

We will focus on:

  • Looking inside AI and what it actually means to our everyday life
  • Thinking deeply and critically about the implications of AI and the system behind it
  • Use simple brainstorming and future thinking tools to come up with new concepts
  • Use tools that make use of Machine learning algorithms to create quick prototypes
  • Collaborate creatively with remote designers
  • Summarize and present a concept while in remote

What you will not learn? 
We will not focus on tools in specific, but mostly on how to find the quickest and best way to prototype and express your concepts. We do not require previous knowledge on AI or ML, but actually more an open mind to rethink what we know and imagine unexpected usages of it.

How will you learn it? 

In groups of two you will face the first challenge of collaborating remotely with your creative partner. We will have internal and collective discussion around future concepts and find ways to realize the ideas in 3 days. We will use web based tools such as p5.js or processing for local prototypes and video sketching.

Day 1 – Introduction to the course and discussion
Day 2 – Collective brainstorm and personal guidance
Day 3 – Prototyping
Day 4 – Prototyping
Day 5 – Finalizing and presentations

Is this for you?

If you are curious about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on your own life and learn how to use it to create positive experience and social impact. Do you feel stuck in a world designed by Silicon Valley and are you Interested in a new humanistic approach to technology by exploring new interactions and have fun doing it? 

Expertise Level of the workshop


What you need to bring to this workshop:

  • Computer