Friday, 5th Apr 2019



Transformations in design practice between the Dotcom Crash and the rise of machine intelligence.

As technology becomes more complex and opaque, how will we as designers understand its potential, do hands-on work, translate it into forms people can understand and use, and lead meaningful conversations with manufacturers and policymakers about its downstream implications? We are entering a new technology landscape shaped by artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and synthetic biology.

Historically, design has transformed and generated new disciplines during times of fast technological change. Through conversations led by Tellart, this project explores and documents transformations in design between the Dotcom Crash and the rise of machine intelligence. Through reflections on key projects from this period and interviews with a community of today’s top design practitioners, Design Nonfiction explores the future of design practice. It emphasises the timeless need to make the invisible visible and the immaterial tangible, in order to sketch and build with emerging technologies.

CIID’s Simona Maschi is one of the amazing group of people interviewed for this series. Tellart will initially release 7 interviews: Kevin Slavin, and then Rory Hyde, Daisy Ginsberg, Molly Steenson, Casey Reas, Aaron Koblin and Matt Jones.

These will go live when they have a launch event at MU in Eindhoven on 18 April. The launch party will have Jack Schulze, Daisy Ginsberg, Tea Uglow, Zaza Zuilhof and Matt Cottam giving short presentations followed by an hour of panel discussion moderated by Rory Hyde. Please join if you can!

There will then be 3-4 more interviews per month all year — people can subscribe at to receive them for free, each month (all CC license).


Exhibition runs 22 March – 22 April

Launch Event is 18 April, 2019
arrive at 19:30
Introduction/Presentations/Panel: 20:00
Drinks: 22:30


MU artspace
Torenallee 40-06
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands