Daniel Letts

Wednesday, 2nd Aug 2017


Service Design’s coming of Age – the next big challenge

You could say that in the last couple of years Service Design has come of age. It’s now on everyone’s agenda and very much in demand. Its practices and methodologies have been widely adopted, and it’s taught in courses all over the world. And yet there’s a real danger that it won’t deliver on its initial promise.

This is because an essentially creative way of looking at the world faces real problems when inserted into a traditional, hierarchical, left-brain type of organization (in other words pretty much every organization out there).

There’s no doubt these organisations need Service Design and the Design Thinking mindset that comes with it – but how can we ensure that the improvements and innovations it creates have the best possible chance of making it into the real word and taking root?

This is the challenge for the next phase of Service Design, when it moves from adolescence to maturity. And just as importantly it’s a challenge for organisations to move beyond paying lip service to creativity and truly embrace it within their business.

When: Wed, Aug 2nd 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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