It’s summer somewhere – CIID workshops around the world

Friday, 18th Jan 2019


OG SS-CR 2019

Are you still learning? Once you’re out of school and in a job, it’s easy to fall into a routine and repurpose what you already know. But the moment you stop pushing yourself, curb your sense of curiosity and wonder, you stop growing. Your brain is like a shark. It must constantly move in order to stay alive. No one wants to be a dead shark.

At the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), we are committed to a course of lifelong learning. Many of our students have already landed plum jobs in companies you’ve heard of. They work across industries as scientists, engineers, philosophers, designers, marketers, journalists, and a host of other disciplines. While they had what might have looked like fulfilling careers from the outside, something was missing.

When asked, many say they didn’t know exactly what drew them to design. But they all wanted to learn a new set of tools. At CIID Summer School (which will take place this year in Copenhagen and Costa Rica) you do just that. Our hands-on workshops, led by renowned teachers from around the world, will show you how to apply human-centred research, quickly prototype and test your ideas, and arrive at breakthrough ideas that solve for real world needs.

One 2018 Summer School participant had this to say: “I attended two workshops: People Centred Research and Design for Behaviour and Impact. Attending lectures facilitated by talented and experienced faculty members was a great experience. Frequent interactions with the participants and faculty members plus weekly ‘lightning talks’ gave a sneak peak into their amazing work. Learnings from lectures and projects have given me a different perspective to look at my work. Sometimes you are so caught up in your work that you forget to take a break, reflect on your work, upgrade your skills and take up new challenges. The summer school was such a break for me.” —Tejal @Instagram

Bringing design skills back to work—or pursuing an entirely new path—can feel like you have a hidden superpower. You will be equipped with a new way of seeing, and that capacity has the potential to impact your life in ways you may never have imagined.

Apply now and enjoy Early Bird rates for Copenhagen and Super Early Bird rates for Costa Rica!