Charlotte Larsen

Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014


”It has to make sense to the people involved”

This sentense has been said so many times in so many different situations that we tend to become a little blind to the deeper dimensions of this parameter.

Charlotte Larsen presents a mindset and a recipe for a process, that enables a group of individuals to connect to the deeper meaning they share, e.g. in their professional life or as users of a specific service. The result of the process is a clear and concrete answer to the fundamental WHY, that should be at the heart of any innovation process.

Over the past three years, Charlotte has been involved in developing a toolbox for leaders within the public sector. The project was sponsored by state Videncenter for Velfærdsledelse, with Copenhagen and Roskilde municipalities as project owners. Among other supporting tools, the project developed a structured method for negotiating and bringing to light a local, common understanding of the deeper/ higher meaning of any work situation.

Founder of Mondays ApS consultancy, Charlotte works primarily with government and local government institutions. The main focus is design of strategic service solutions from a user perspective, and structural development in the daycare sector has over the past eight years become a niche for her.

Charlotte is an expert in involving innovation processes and in transforming and materializing knowledge into new service solutions: Simple formats and interventions that can stand the test of everyday life and nudge lasting change in behavior. Charlotte has a background in design (Danmarks Designskole and Philadelphia University) as well as in business administration (Copenhagen Business School).

Copenhagen Institute Of Interaction Design ApS
37 Toldbodgade
1253 Copenhagen

When: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 – 5-6pm

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