Mandala Turntables – request to delete

Mandala Turntables is an instrument which draws abstract pieces of art in a playful way.

Inspired by a set of DJ turntables the machine drops colors on a spinning round canvas and smudges them with a toothbrush. The artist plays the instrument by beating drums to release drops of colors and adjusts the speed of the turning canvas with a switch.

Mandala Turntables is an exploration of basic physical computing using an Arduino UNO and multiple input and output components: Vibration sensors detect when a drum has been hit. This activates the corresponding peristaltic pump which releases a drop of color in return. A gear motor accelerates the wheel which holds the canvas. The speed can be adjusted via a rotary switch sitting on a potentiometer. A servo motor moves the toothbrush back and forth.

During this week-long project the team learned how to combine multiple mechanisms into one functional prototype of an abstract drawing machine.