Upcoming OPEN Lectures

Yasaman Sheri

Tuesday, 6th Jun 2017


In Dialogue with the Sciences

The 21st century has blossomed to grant us with technological advancements in computer vision, augmentation, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence. Naturally, we are inclined to ask questions around ownership, control, and the limits of machine, nature and human alteration. As we expand tracking, build autonomous machines, push intelligence and redefine our living materials, we challenge the boundary of what is human, machine or nature and venture in to a new world of moral landscape. What new forms will we give to represent the world when we augment our perceptual apparatus? When we alter our senses, perception, ecology and urban landscape, what kinds of systems will be inclined to create and what ethical implications might we stumble upon? The new era of design requires us to cultivate a curious and critical mind to help facilitate important conversations among other disciplines and begin bridging gaps with not only computer science but also social and life sciences.

Yasaman Sheri is a Designer and Researcher who works with new technologies to explore possible and becoming futures. Her research focuses on Life Sciences, Synthetic Sensing and Augmentation.

Yasaman has lead design interactions at the Core Holographic Operating System of Microsoft Hololens for the last 5 years, one of the first consumer level Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) all the way from incubation to development and shipping consumer product. She also works with Scientists, wetware labs and biohacker spaces around the world pushing the Design and Biology Intersection. Yasaman is faculty at Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design teaching Sensing and Perception and has lead Design programs such as graduate studies program at NASA Ames while working with Autodesk, Google and IDEO. She has won numerous design awards, speaks publicly at TED, European Commission, United Nations, Stanford MediaX, OFFF Festival, Digital Design Days, Art of Olfaction Summit to name a few. She is frequently a critic, advises and works with design and research institutions such as Art Center College, Stanford University, and University of Washington.

When: Tue, June 6th 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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Britt Wray

Tuesday, 30th May 2017


Future Betting with Gene Editing

Designer babies. Woolly mammoths. Cures for genetic diseases. The “new eugenics”. If you follow the news about emerging biotech, it seems as though we’re going to have all of those things on Earth fairly soon. But without giving into hyperbole or science fiction, what is the real state of the science and technology today? What directions is it leading us in? What new ethical issues does it create? And how is it going to change the world? In this CIID Open Lecture, Britt Wray – documentarist, author of Rise of the Necrofauna and PhD Candidate in Science Communication at the University of Copenhagen – will give an intrepid tour through the field of gene editing and discuss how it applies to humans, non-humans, extinct creatures and endangered species.

When: Tue, May30th 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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Toni Lane Casserly

Monday, 29th May 2017


Blockchain: A Future Without Money

Imagine a world where meaningful contribution outweighed the need to have a job. Robotic labor is coming, and in addition to shifting the labor market, high quality chip sets can also be used to shift the foundation of our embedded inner concepts of finance through the creation of stores of value like Bitcoin. Blockchain technology, the underlying infrastructure behind bitcoin, enables new forms value creation, measurement and exchange to flourish, potentially solving issues like Universal Basic Minimum income without the need for taxation. The marketplace is just emerging, and I am here to teach you how to navigate the landscape.

Toni Lane is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who has been affectionately entitled, “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” and “Young Star of Bitcoin” by her peers and various publications.

Casserly has been in the blockchain sphere since 2011, and is notably working on creating competitive marketplaces for governance with UNESCO Netexplo winner, Bitnation. As a humanitarian, Toni Lane used Bitcoin as a tool for direct response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. She co-founded CoinTelegraph and serves as an advisor to several notable companies, funds and family offices, including, but not limited to: The United Nations, SingularityU, Factom, HSBC, Bosch, Cicso, P&G, Institute for the Future and St. Gallen Symposium.

When: Mon, May 29th 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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Past OPEN Lectures

Matt Nish-Lapidus

Tuesday, 16th May 2017

New Media, Interaction, and Software Aesthetics

In many media, techniques in commercial design are foreshadowed in the art world. Graphic design has roots in early 20th century print making and poster art, big budget movies repurpose many techniques from art films, and now interactive products are starting to borrow techniques and styles from new media art.

New Media artists have spent the last four decades exploring the aesthetics of modern technology and interaction and it’s effects on human behaviour, relationships, and evolution. Our work in UX, interaction design, and information architecture is rooted in the intersection of technology and culture. The way we understand the world has been changed forever by networks, computers, and media, just as our culture changes the evolution of these technologies. Artists have playfully tested these relationships and boundaries in ways spectacular, disturbing, and amazing.

Join Matt Nish-Lapidus, a practicing new media artist and designer, to explore the history and language of new media and interactive art, how it relates to our work today, and what we can learn from the seminal works of important artists and innovators including David Rokeby, Stelarc, and Steve Mann.

When: Tue, May 16th, 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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Steve Jennings

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Discovering The Obvious

How have we arrived at now? What can the past tell us about the future? What matters, what’s possible, and what’s important. Steve will share his thoughts about how we can thrive in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world, and why the pace of change isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

Steve is the Chief Innovation Officer and founding partner at Better Participation Group, a Canadian based decentralised organisation, focused on designing and implementing participation business models and future-proofing social ecosystems.
Steve was the founder of Maxim one of Europe’s leading active lifestyle nutrition companies.
He was one of the founding members of PepsiCo’s global good-for-you nutrition innovation and strategy team.
Steve was formerly the entrepreneur in residence at the Open Innovation Centre at Lund University in Sweden.

When: Wed, May 3rd, 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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