Upcoming OPEN Lectures

David Sherwin

Friday, 10th Jul 2015


Designing for Positive Habits and Behaviours

We live in a world where we expect the applications and services we use every day to not only help us do what we want to do, but encourage us to help reach our goals in ways that will make us healthier, wealthier, and happier.

In this talk, David Sherwin will explore a growing trend in the interactive space, where product designers are using techniques drawn from the social sciences to support and shape the choices their users make. With the tools provided in this talk, you can create your first draft of a product intended for positive behavior change, as well as understand the challenges of testing your design solutions in a responsible manner.


David Sherwin is an interaction designer and creative director with expertise in guiding multidisciplinary teams in the creation of novel products and services. David is currently Director of User Experience at lynda.com, an online learning product utilized by millions of people worldwide to learn the skills they need to succeed and pursue their passions. He is also a Fellow at frog, a global product design and strategy firm, where he previously served as an Interaction Design Director. His clients have included GE, AT&T, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Girl Effect, Tipping Point Community, UNICEF, and many others in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

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When: Friday, July 10th – 3pm

Where: (please note, this talk will not take place at the CIID studio)

KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Guldbergsgade 29
2200 København N
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Past OPEN Lectures

Todd Siegel

Monday, 29th Jun 2015


Interaction First Design

In this talk and demo, Todd will explore an alternative workflow for designing and prototyping mobile apps.

Why are static tools like Sketch or Photoshop (even with artboards) used to design, layout, and think through interactive animated experiences? Does this not create a waterfall between visual design tools and interaction design tools > where the static assets are ported?

Avoiding context switching and stop disrupting your prototyping flow. Try designing and sketching interaction flows and animation using prototype level assets – all within the same tool context.

Todd will demo a live prototype in 30ish minutes linking initial paper sketches into flows, adding scrolling and transitions, then progressively enhacing with high enough fidelity assets along with refined interactive animation – all within Proto.io.

Todd Siegel is a product designer, entrepreneur, and wordsmith based in San Francisco.

Todd specialises in prototyping native iOS apps with interactive animation – and has given talks and demos on mobile prototyping at Xerox PARC, General Assembly, Apps World, Protohack, and range of companies such as Live Nation, Cibo, Linden Labs, PayPal, Salesforce and others…

He serves as the product evangelist for Proto.io – a tool for creating prototypes that feel real – without coding (and within minutes). Todd is represented by 10x Management (talent agent for independent developers and designers) and was recently interviewed in the New Yorker about the future present of work.

When: 5-6pm – Monday, June 29th, 2015

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37b, 1253, Copenhagen K, DENMARK

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If you’d like to do a bit of reading beforehand, here’s an article Todd wrote on Prototyping Interactive Animation: bit.ly/PrototypingInterativeAnimation

Special Projects (Clara & Adrian Westaway)

Thursday, 25th Jun 2015


Special Projects is a design and invention studio based in London, founded by Clara and Adrian Westaway – who formerly ran Vitamins.

In this talk, Clara and Adrian will talk about how the studio tackled three projects which completely transformed ordinary objects: a user manual, a blood pressure monitor and a calendar.

They will describe the briefs given to them, and the explain design process they used to research and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary by fusing the physical and digital worlds.


When: 5-6pm – Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37b, 1253, Copenhagen K, DENMARK

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Francisco Gomez Paz

Wednesday, 24th Jun 2015


Since opening his design office in Milan in 2004, Francisco Gomez Paz has developed products for leading design companies such as Artemide, Driade, Danese, Lensvelt, Luceplan, Olivetti and Sector among others.

Francisco’s approach to design is driven by his own curiosity, the knowledge of technology and materials and a highly experimental hands-on creative process.

His work has received several international recognitions such as the Good Design Award 2010 and the Red Dot Award 2010; he has been honored together with Alberto Meda with the First Prize of the Index Award for the Solar Bottle, which has also been selected for the MOMA’s Study Collection and recently he received the Prize of Prizes to Innovation in Design from Italy’s president Giorgio Napolitano for the Hope chandelier and the prestigious Compasso d’Oro 2011.

He is active in the fields of research and education, he is visiting professor at Domus Academy from 2000 and has held lectures in Italy and abroad. His projects have been exhibited in several international events and published by main design publications.

Works and lives in Milan.


When: 5-6pm – Weds, June 24th, 2015

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37b, 1253, Copenhagen K, DENMARK

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Natalie Nixon

Wednesday, 17th Jun 2015


What We Can Learn From the Dance Choreographer About Designing a Better System

In this talk, Natalie Nixon builds on her work on creativity and service design from a jazz improvisational lens, to sharing her ideas on building out a heuristic from dance choreography to inform organizational design and leadership.

Natalie is a hybrid thinker, comfortably synthesizing creative and analytical thought processes from design and business to arrive at innovative opportunities. At Philadelphia University Natalie holds the endowed G. Allen Mebane IV ’52 Chair for Design Thinkers and is the Director of the Strategic Design MBA program and Associate Professor in Fashion Merchandising & Management. A practitioner and researcher of design thinking, she is noted for being savvy at connecting the dots between theory and practice and is a bridge builder to the creative side of strategy. In her public speaking engagements, she helps a range of audiences (for example, in healthcare; consumer products; technology and marketing) understand and apply user-centered principles to their particular work. Her frameworks help business leaders develop the better questions to get to the most innovative and meaningful outcome for their users.

Natalie has been a guest/keynote speaker at: TEDx Philadelphia; the FUSE Brand Strategy & Design conference; the VOR Innovation conference in Mexico City, Mexico; and the Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference in the United Kingdom. Natalie is a recipient of the 2007 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, two Philadelphia University Summer Research Grants and a Lindback Foundation Research Grant. She is a regular contributor to INC.com online magazine on topics around creativity and design’s intersection with business.

With a background in anthropology and fashion, Natalie worked in the fashion industry as an entrepreneurial hat designer as well as in apparel sourcing for The Limited Brands in Sri Lanka and Portugal. Her research and consulting interests are in business design, experiential service design and applying strategies from the fashion industry to a range of sectors, utilizing style as a competitive advantage in order to build brand distinction. She was certified by the National Charrette Institute at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to lead charrette trainings; she uses the charrette methodology to lead ideation, opportunity finding and consensus building for a range of organizations.

When: 5-6pm – Weds, June 17th, 2015

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37b, 1253, Copenhagen K, DENMARK