New CIID courses for professionals in Copenhagen!

Wednesday, 4th Jul 2018


The next CIID workshops in Denmark are set to take place at SAP Experience Center Copenhagen this autumn.

The courses are short, stand-alone but ideally combined, and weeks apart in order to fit the schedule of busy professionals.

The first is a 3-day course designed to introduce you to Design Thinking as a holistic approach for creative change, while the second offers a deeper dive into some Service Design tools that can be used to apply it.

Design Thinking for Services: October 3-5
Understand why design thinking has become the go-to approach for creative change, and be ready to practice it on your own after 3 days of intensive hands-on learning by doing.

Service Design and Change Management: November 8-9
Use a human-centred and systemic perspective to understand your customers, define your value, and act accordingly – across industries, sectors, and departments.

Read more about each and reserve a spot today! Early bird and group tickets are available.

3-day Service Design Thinking course in Singapore!

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018


CIID is going back to Singapore!

After a sold-out workshop in February we are excited to come back to Singapore in co-operation with TinkTank.

Title: Service Design Thinking
Dates: July 18-20th

For three days you will work in teams and do research, create insights, and prototype and test solutions for real-world problems. Through short lectures followed by hands-on application of the methodology, you will learn practical tools like user journey mapping, rapid ideation, and prototyping techniques. By the end of the course you will be ready to take them back to your work and apply them according to your own needs.

Sign up now and take advantage of the Early Bird discount!

CIID Summer School in Barcelona!

Friday, 18th May 2018

Postcard SS-BCN 2018

Barcelona is the latest addition to the list of destinations for CIID Summer School!

We are excited to announce the 9 workshops scheduled to take place at ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, with a selection of fascinating topics and outstanding faculty.

From Machine Learning and Designing Interactive Spaces, to Designing through Narratives and Design & Ethics, expand your skills in design and innovation with world-leading experts and our ‘learning by doing’ philosophy.

Explore each of the 5-day workshops and learn new design skills and tools to create impact!

Enrolment is now open – we hope to see you there!


New Design Thinking workshop in Greece!

Monday, 7th May 2018


After a great workshop in February with participants from diverse domains and industries like marketing, media, IT, banking, and consulting, CIID is returning to Athens with another workshop for professionals.

Principles and Practice of Design Thinking

An intensive 3-day workshop for professionals who need to be creative, dynamic, and human-centric in their work. This course guides you through a complete design thinking process from understanding users and stakeholders to discovering a need and rapidly prototyping solutions to address it.

Learn practical tools to take back to your work, including research methods, synthesis approaches, user journey mapping, rapid ideation, and prototyping techniques.

Let your friends and colleagues know, and we hope to see you there!

Interaction Design Programme 2019 – Apply Now!

Thursday, 22nd Feb 2018


Are you passionate about designing products, services and strategies that will have a positive impact on people and our planet?

At CIID we take a holistic approach to design. We place faith in diversity of skills, thinking and culture – and believe in imparting skills for teamwork, communication and collaboration, not just technical and design skills. Through an intense one-year curriculum, participants are taught to identify opportunities through the creation of meaningful, pragmatic and socially relevant concepts.

You should be curious, creative – and excited about working in a multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary learning environment.

As an education concerned with the broad potential of design and technology, the Interaction Design Programme welcome applications from all over the world and from any background.


Initial deadline: Friday, May 4th

The application reviews will not start until after this date. We will continue to receive applications after this date but those submitted in accordance with the deadline will be given priority.

You will find information on the curriculum, student/faculty profiles and a list of frequently asked questions on the website. If you can’t find what you need, please email

For general information, click here
For info about admissions, click here.
For info about the curriculum, click here.
FAQs, click here.

Interaction 18 – an award winner’s perspective

Monday, 12th Feb 2018


A write up on Interaction 18 from our award-winning man on the ground, James Zhou:

Greetings from Lyon, France and the Interaction18 Conference! This year’s conference is hosted in Le Sucriere, an old sugar mill by the river. The CIID crew showed up in full force. There are old hands who have been to multiple conferences and greenhorns who are attending their first conference. I’d like offer a peak into the conference from the perspective of a first time attendee.

At Interaction18 we saw the power of our community. This is the first Interaction conference for Jens, Bora, and I. We felt immediately comfortable with our fellow CIIDers. During breaks, lunch, and happy hours, we ran around the conference hall catching up with old friends and making new ones. Simona joined the conference on the second day and immediately introduced us to esteemed designers and excited new opportunities. We felt extremely supported by our CIID community.

Alan Cooper kicked off the conference with a speech that captured the zeitgeist of our industry. In his speech, he called out large technology corporations that are pursuing profits before ethics. He called this moment our “Oppenheimer Moment” where technology is on the verge of creating irreversible damage to our world. Cooper urged us to be better ancestors, and exercise ours agency as designers to implement change at all levels. Cooper’s speech set up the theme for the rest of the conference and brought forward the importance of ethics and design. The day ended with a keynote by the design illuminaire and head of design at Muji, Kenya Hara. Hara introduced the ideas of emptiness vs simple and information vs ex-formation. Hara’s books are hugely influential for Jens and I. And we totally nerded out over his minimalist presentation slides.

Anab Jain of Superflux offered us a glimpse into our future and challenged us to be empowered and responsible creators. Ivrea graduate, Haiyang Zhang, bought us back to the present with her work for people with disabilities. She walked us through her invention, the Emma watch, which helps people with extreme tremors to write again. She inspired us with her hands-on approach in finding solutions for those most in need. Elildh Dickson and John Lynch gave us a honest look at our industry through conversations with designers all around the world. Together these designers represent over a century of experience. Their talk helped us to understand what it means to be a designer in the 21st century.

Interaction18 is the first year where a roomba, a fan, and a plug were invited to the conference. The objects were created by Simone Rebaudengo, Saurabh Datta, Lorenzo Romagnoli, and Matthieu Cherubini from Automato and installed as an interactive exhibition. Conference attendees can experience the world from the perspectives of objects using a mixture of VR and physical interactions. Even Alan Cooper himself donned one of the headsets and teleported himself into the realities of the objects.

One of the highlights of the conference is the Interaction Awards. The interaction design community come together to celebrate the projects that best represent the trend in our industry. The awards and closing party were hosted at the rock club, Le Transbordeur.

The CIID crew filled out an entire row at the awards. As the ceremony progressed, The Internet Phone by Sebastien Hunkeler, Isak Frosta, Jens Obel, and I, was the first CIID project to win the Engaging Category. The CIID crew cheered loudly. Then, Bjorn Karmann’s Objectifier won the Expressing Category, and the CIID crew was electric. Then in the People’s Choice section, the Objectifier was again a winner in the Best Student category. The CIID crew erupted. Just as we thought we couldn’t possibly win anymore awards, 2013 Alumni Shu Yang Lin won the Future Voice award for her project vTaiwan. We were completely taken by surprise as Shu walked onto the stage to receive the award. Even Simona didn’t know that Shu was going to be here. Shu gave a passionate speech about the importance of democratic voice. At this point, the audience erupted and together we stood in a standing ovation.

Interaction18 was an amazing experience for all of us first time attendees. We were inspired to see our community together in one place. We truly understood the power of our own CIID network and gained a new appreciation for our shared CIID experience. The conference left us inspired and ready to take on new challenges. We are already looking forward to the next Interaction conference in Seattle in 2019.

I hope that I will see you there!

Winners at IXDA Awards!

Friday, 9th Feb 2018

There were a whole host of CIID winners at the 2018 IXDA Awards in Lyon last night. Including Bjørn Karmann who won the best student award and then graciously shared this with the CIID student/alumni community.

Shu Yang Lin won the Future Voice award and we’re looking forward to seeing the video for that.

We are so proud of everyone and hope these awards open the doors to new opportunities.



Objectifier – Bjørn Karmann’s project won the ‘Empowering’ category.

The Objectifier empowers people to train objects in their daily environment to respond to their unique behaviors. It gives an experience of training an artificial intelligence; a shift from a passive consumer to an active, playful director of domestic technology.



The Internet Phone by James Zhou, Sebastian Hunkeler, Isak Frostå and Jens Obel. This one is in the ‘Engaging’ category. Encouraging self expression and/or creativity.

With the Internet Phone, you can access websites with the nostalgic interface of a rotary phone. Look up the IP address of the website you want to call in a special cyber directory, dial the twelve digit IP address using the rotary, and wait for your website to be read out loud in the receiver. If you are feeling adventurous, you can enhance your experience with four different mode tokens – article, developer, incognito, and history.

Special mentions for the following projects which made it to the shortlist.


Just Go by Bora Kim, Christopher Bogár, Kelvyn Ornette Sol Marte and Yee Mun Ooi – in the ‘Empowering’ category. Enabling people to go beyond their limits.


Grishma Rao for _ghostKit


Monday, 22nd Jan 2018


This year, CIID’s “Summer School around the World” educational platform is coming to Costa Rica!

Join us for 1-3 weeks of hands-on learning and team work, and acquire tools and skills for life-centered innovation.

Choose one (or up to three!) of the 15 stand-alone workshops offered on multiple subjects, such as “Intro to Service Design,” “Designing Interactive Spaces” and more, taught by world-class experts.

Previous knowledge of interaction design is not required, but bring a passion for learning and a drive to try new things!

Read more and apply here:


Friday, 12th Jan 2018


The Professional Programmes course planned for January 2018 is sold out, and we are happy to announce the next instalment to take place in Copenhagen this spring.

Service Design through Experience Prototyping
Date: April 18-20
Location: CIID building, Copenhagen, Denmark

A 3-day intensive course on how to create or improve a service, using a rapid design thinking process that puts the user at the center to create actionable, business-ready experience prototypes.

More information and signup:

New workshop in Greece, February 2018.

Monday, 18th Dec 2017

NY Prototype 2

New CIID workshop coming up in Athens, Greece!

Service Design Thinking will equip you with the tools to be more holistic and people-centric in creating compelling services in any industry. This course is an intensive 3-day deep dive into the complex task of designing and delivering a service through learning by doing and lectures, with a small group size and experienced facilitators.

The instructors will introduce you to tools and techniques useful across the service process — from research to concept generation to prototyping to change management. The course is suitable for professionals of all backgrounds and levels of design fluency.

More information and signup:

In cooperation with the Hellenic American Union.